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So I was thinking about din's legacy, and one thing I thought about is: what if mutations didn't last beyond the current world? Like if all the negative mutations and positive mutations only lasted for that one world.
That would mean you wouldn't care if you got a whole bunch of negative ones and positive ones.
It would also justify having a separate XP bar: it's only for XP gained in the current world.
It also makes you more invested in the current world, especially if you like the weird abilities you got.
The more I think about it, the more I think this was the *superior* way to do mutations in DL. You essentially treat each world as a rogue-lite session where things can go a little crazy, while the character remains the carry-over between worlds.

Why am I talking about this in the drox idea thread? Because it'd be neat to have some of the mutation concepts carry over in this particular way.
e.g. you get killed by Talon, you become afraid of Talon.
You pay a race to mod your ship, and now instead of one projectile, you shoot out 3, and it only lasts as long as the current world, so Carpe Diem!
This gets rid of difficult long-term balance issues for these mutations, which is the problem DL has.
It also makes each sector unique: *you* are part of the randomness of the sector, and once you get attached to the specific cool ways you changed this sector, you have a strong incentive not to lose it.
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