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Willpower caved the past couple evenings and I spent a few more hours with the game. Having a lot of fun, switched to a Drakk ship instead of a Shadow as I think fighters are more fun than cloak. Won my first sector (Fear) and am working on the next, allied with Cortex and a couple minor races. Good times! I’m still trying to get used to the concept of ramming and that bumping into ships is going to cause some damage. I like it overall but it can be hard to avoid when missiles and projectiles are flying all over the place. I think it’s cool, I just need more time to adapt. click speed test

I’m still frustrated by loot, it sucks finding rare orange and purple drops that are inferior to gray or green crap I find littered around. I mean sure, maybe that power plant has 28% credit find and a boost to radar but that’s irrelevant if it only puts out 150 power grid compared to 220. There aren’t enough slots to sacrifice that loss in powergrid/thrust/shields/whatever for tertiary stats because that’s going to be my ONLY source of that stat. I need my thrusters to thrust, period. I need my power plant to generate power. Everything else comes as a very distant second and it’s made the majority of my orange or better drops garbage. I really feel like this needs to be addressed in a game like this, rare qualities should have the floor of their stats be higher than what grey/green stuff can give. Anyone else feel that way or is this just a “me” thing?

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