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- Exploring is still too much of a burden, especially with large sectors and many planets, when you want to get stuff done instead. Also, settled sectors should not require as much exploration as unsettled ones. I can understand that when you move through the middle of the sector you'll mostly have to find your own way. But then you get to the other settled side and you have to clear all the fog to find anything, and it's just too much.

I suggest that you should be able to buy all planet locations from any race that is in decent relationship with you, with allied races giving you a discount. Races at war with you or strongly disliking you shouldn't give you their planet locations at all. Xenobophobic races may also guard the location of their planets and not offer them for sale at any cost (making nice use of that trait).

This will also show adjacent systems on your map, which will mostly solve the problem of finding the necessary wormholes.
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