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I played the crap out of Drox Operative and absolutely loved it, and talked a few friends into playing it also. I made a list of things I saw as being deficient or areas for improvement (some of which ultimately contributed to my stopping playing), and am curious if any of these are being considered for Drox 2:

Problems with saved game state: Played sp game, then with same ship played mp game on friends server. Came back to original sp game and it had reset monsters and visited maps. Monsters killed most everyone within a few minutes.

A way to actively heal a planet? Terraform a blown up one?

When opening stash and inventory, character screen overlaps stashes. Especially a problem with larger cargo holds.

Too much loot being dropped and I was spending way too much time sifting through everything after a larger battle. Adjust drop rate, or ability to grey-out or ignore items of a certain level or lower or certain item types altogether?

Can't keep up with rate of planet decay in solo games especially in mid-late game. Can we adjust decay rate?

Maybe add different damage types to different weapons in same class to keep things interesting, resistances, etc.

Ability to reinforce ally's shields (pc, npc, planet)

Delete old sectors from drop down list. If this was already a thing, I couldn't figure out how to do it in-game.

Adjust or disable monster respawn in taken over solar systems? Once fully taken over, hopefully drop spawn to 0? I kept having to go back and reclaim areas, which is a pain to manage late game and encroaches on busy-work and breaks realism/immersion.

Shared map in mp, being able to warp to friends. Maybe linked to a type of equipment, communication device, etc if it isn't an innate function.

Item or a way to keep ships from warping away through gates or wormholes? Countermeasures? I think EvE has something like this, disrupting wormholes to trap people temporarily.

Easier or alternate methods to pirate.

Logical drops, monsters only drop credits, different races drop race-appropriate items or what's currently equipped? This would help with the overflowing and nonsensical loot.

Restrictions on trade based on favor/alliances.

Lowering command requirements.

Targetable mines, ones that only tag mobs, etc. I found them too unwieldly to practically use and if I remember correctly mobs would cruise over mines encountered in the wild.

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