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Originally Posted by treborx555 View Post
I think an engine change is a must.

You can still make it as moddable as you want, the important thing though is having the bare minimum of nice looking graphics (even if they're cartoony) and fluid animations and sounds.

The main reason i can't enjoy soldak games for longer than an hour is the lack of fluidity. Most spells feel bad to use and overall gameplay is annoying.

Gameplay for me was basically

* attack
* step on trap, ouch sounds
* invisible aliens start appearing around me
* keep chugging potions and attacking
* stones start falling from the cave roof
* i step on another trap
* trap spills liquid everywhere, multiplying
* my aoe spell makes the game lag to hell because it hits all the tiny liquid droplets
* more stones start falling
* i die

The core gameplay loop really must be better than this. Even if graphics are good, i still wouldn't play more than a few hours.
Well, sound effects is something I mod for Soldak fantasy series.
I used music from Diablo (figures) and combined sound effects from M&M and Kohan 2 to make the game sound and feel better. I think I should have my old files somewhere.

It was nice when skills were sounding as they should and using heavy hitting skills made you feel like it really was a heavy hit that was delivered.

As for the game lagging, you do yourself a favour and limit particles. They are the bane of Soldak games, and I've actually went to extreme length to manually edit particle settings for objects, to keep some particle effects but remove others exactly to avoid lagging.

Apart from that, yea, core gameplay could use some improvements. You think we can convince Shadow to copy paste some diablo1/2 mechanics to new engine?
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