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  • fixed grassbush5b.mdl looking terrible
  • changed r_detailModels max in UI from 0.5 to 0.8 (Bluddy)
  • can now get rid of skills like animal control (Destro*)
  • fixed Yuxi's Gloves having unnamed skill on it (Dungeon Explorer Levender)
  • fixed Lycanthrope mutation always transforming you instead of sometimes when you are hurt (Jack67)
  • added a sound when Lycanthrope mutation transforms you
  • fixed Ninja being hidden on Mutate from specialty screen
  • added Elementalist specialty (Sarah)
  • fixed NPCs trying to buff doors some times
  • improved tower (monster) graphics (Fulano/Bluddy)
  • Berserk no longer decreases defense per level (Bluddy)
  • fixed retraining mode from Mystic Brotherhood (Destro*)
  • hopefully fixed problem with some scenarios sometimes winning instantly (Fulano)
  • now spellsword always starts with a shield skill so can start with and use Starburst skill (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
  • updated new character screen - female cloth skin
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