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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.814

  • added 4 military stance icons
  • added 5 outsider attitude icons
  • added 4 planet enhancement icons
  • fixed Nanomite Cloud showing wrong numbers at skill level higher than 1 (Dalwin/DysDaemoN)
  • fixed Nanomite Cloud not working on player ship (Dalwin/DysDaemoN)
  • added skill increase sound
  • implemented Talon Control skill
  • added a more generic hasAbility/providesAbility system
  • implemented Infinite Beam skill
  • changed Elusive to Vanish
  • implemented Vanish skill
  • fixed swarmProjectilesExtra value (was set as a bool instead of a float)
  • implemented Overload skill
  • implemented Juggernaut skill
  • implemented Hologram skill
  • implemented Personal Escape Suit skill
  • implemented Energy Flow skill
  • implemented Holographic Defense skill
  • implemented Escape Artist skill
  • implemented Last Chance skill
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