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The Talon and other monster races have the advantage that their specific races don't attack them. That may be enough of an advantage to dominate at high levels.

T/O/L Empires are not being attacked by any T/O/L monsters, not just by their own. And yes, that is an incredible advantage, because standard races cannot mount any successful invasion if the player is around. In remote sectors, dice are rolled, and the standard races sometimes may achieve something.

If the player is nearby, fights are actually simulated with more accuracy, and:
(1) Standard planets get attacked by monsters, the defenders switch their targets, and the T/O/L pound them with impunity.
(2) Any standard race's invasion across sectors gets mired in skirmishes with monsters. The monsters are usually too quick to be destroyed by the standards, and the expeditionary force never gets to their target. Eventually T/O/L warships show up, and annihilate the standard races' ships.
(3) T/O/L defenders never have to go back to their planets (which do not get attacked by monsters) and so, if disturbed, go on rampage across their system, wiping every standard race's colony.
(4) And finally, T/O/L ships seems to be just better one-on-one.

So unless the player does ALL of the fighting, T/O/L completely and utterly wipe the floor with any standard race. In six race sectors, T/O/L wins handily 1-on-5 wars, as long as the player does not destroy them singlehandedly.

As a matter of fact, the only way I have found to destroy T/O/L in sector level 150+ is to fight them on my own WHILE INSURING THEY REMAIN AT PEACE with the standard races. Otherwise, even my best ships sometimes fail at protecting the standard races. These are ships that clear systems in a few minutes, if that. In any sector bigger than tiny, T/O/L still manage to ruin their enemies while I am doing so.

By the way, I am not naive enough to think that the game should be balanced at level 150. It's just that at level 150, the effects already present at levels 50+ are even more obvious.
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