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Default [Suggestion] Crew Points Stat improvement for Bonus Skills [50, 100, 150 etc]

Can you add "Green" stats?

Example that is already inside the game, "White" stats is your Base stat, "Blue" stats is your [("White" stat)+(Other stats, from items/crew etc)] and for "Green" stats would be [("White" stat)+(The stats you get from "Command" stat)].

Drakk ships starts with "White" stats 8 "Helm" (Base stat) and with 68 "Command" stats will give 24 "Helm" stats, so "Green" stat would be 8+24=32 "Green" "Helm" stats.

When getting the "(insert skill name here) Bonus Skills" for every 50 "White" stats, can you allow the requirement to pick "Green" stats first if it is bigger number than "White" stats?
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