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Originally Posted by DarkTraveler View Post
Why not make cargo bays one of the level up rewards if the player's inventory space doesn't meet a specific value?
From a game-design and gameplay perspective, does cargo bays actually add anything of value? All it does is prevent you to pick up all the loot that drops, easily circumvented by going multiple trips. This is made even easier if there are planets nearby.

All in all, it's just an artifical limit of what you can carry at any one time, for no reason at all. I've really never understood inventory systems that "grow" over time, unless it impacts actual gameplay: See Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for an example where inventory size affects gameplay (your choice of carried weapon and gear).

In Din's and Drox, it really brings nothing to the table. Or am I missing anything vital here?

EDIT: What I'm trying to say is, why limit inventory space for beginning characters at all? Why not simply let everyone have an inventory that houses a set number of slots comparable to a high level character. Say, someone with 4 very large or what they are called. 12x5 total.

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