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Originally Posted by Moonshine Fox View Post
From a game-design and gameplay perspective, does cargo bays actually add anything of value? All it does is prevent you to pick up all the loot that drops, easily circumvented by going multiple trips. This is made even easier if there are planets nearby.

All in all, it's just an artifical limit of what you can carry at any one time, for no reason at all. I've really never understood inventory systems that "grow" over time, unless it impacts actual gameplay: See Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for an example where inventory size affects gameplay (your choice of carried weapon and gear).

In Din's and Drox, it really brings nothing to the table. Or am I missing anything vital here?
Unless one enjoys making many trips back to town or planet then it's perfectly viable to seek more inventory space.

I played Deus Ex. One of my all time favorite games. Your comparison has no relevance. Deus Ex's style is completely different from that of a Soldek Entertainment game. To name just a few items, Deus Ex had neither the amount of drops, nor the many groups of enemies that Soldek Entertainment games do.

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