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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Yeah, I'm trying to find a balance between making each race pretty unique, not locking the player into a specific build per race, and hopefully eventually allow players to pick young races with whatever their random skill trees are.
OK good to see you're aware of these concerns.

In terms of build per race, moving the weapon-boosting skills into specific trees doesn't necessarily cancel out other possible builds, and they're optional after all -- the trees include enough other skill options to make those available. I feel like all these generic skills would belong better in the themed skill trees. This is especially true if the skills don't give a huge boost, but a fairly minor one instead (10%-15%).

I figured there was some kind of plan to make young races playable given the property-based skill trees, but what does that mean effectively? You'd be able to choose among every random race created so far when creating a new ship?
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