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I very much agree with the concerns about movement. Targeting I've made work, but disengaging is really, really, hard. So hard in fact that I use pausing and unpausing a lot when I have to move around enemies, and when I have to run, I will often simply use the teleport stone (I play only hardcore, as well)
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Show the durability of an item on the tooltip of the durability warning on the side of the screen.
Yes, this is an extremely good suggestion.
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but I'd mostly suggest not letting people join areas more than five-ten levels higher than themselves.
Please, don't do this. After level 50, I usually create regions at +10 as the very least. After level 75, I create them at 100. If the exploit is all that bad, just make it so that characters recruited in a region do not stay with you if you abandon it.
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Add a new job 'scavanger'. Let people go around town and pick up items and scavange them (would not scavange rare+ items (the yellow ones).
I would like to see this as an expedition. Killing the 50-60 enemy clan members at high levels leaves a ton of items on the ground - so many in fact, that even hunting down the set items and artifacts is a pain, because there are too many labels to display. An expedition that melts down everything that's not set, unique, artifact or legendary would be great. The rest would be moved to the player when the expedition comes home. Transmuters and sages would have a bonus.
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