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Default Stats Question

I just started playing Din's Curse and I'm confused by something that happened.

In that first time I played, I THINK as part of the character creation process, I had the opportunity to increase a number of stats - if I remember right, there were six of them, and LUCK was one of those six.

But every time since then, I don't get that screen as part of the character creation process and I can only add stats to what appear to now be the default for EVERY CHARACTER I CREATE regardless of what that's character's specialties are (these are only five stats, and do not include LUCK). Further, those defaults are weird with 5 for strength, dexterity, and the last one that is mana-related, with a 16 for the other two...that seems like a massive disparity.

So why am I no longer allowed to access that original screen (with LUCK) or why is it that I cannot find that screen if I can access it?

I feel completely clueless on this.
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