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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.816

  • fixed new extra crew slot not being a light slot (Free Fa11)
  • fixed Shadow's Decoy race specific slot (Dyskord)
  • fixed Scavenger's Scavenger race specific slot (Boink)
  • changed Scavenger race specific components from Scavenger/Thruster to Scavenger/Shields
  • fixed BasicItemTypeWeaponLightFighter missing translation
  • now fighter bays can get damage, health, movement, attack, defense, and/or resistance modifiers
  • now can right click on party member health bar to select
  • now show name & health info when you highlight party member health bar
  • made party member health bar slightly bigger
  • now party member health bar shows shields and structure (Pwn25)
  • now fighter bays show a green dot if there is a fighter slot to launch (HoboElf/LotusBlade/Excellion)
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