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  • added vassalFormed sound
  • fixed BasePowerCollectorRestriction missing translation (Monkeyhuouse)
  • fixed BaseWeaponLightFighterRestriction missing translation
  • fixed BaseDecoyRestriction missing translation
  • fixed BaseWeaponLightMissileRestriction missing translation
  • fixed brunt light missile race slot not working correctly
  • now fighters are included in total DPS number on character screen
  • now show fighter base damage per second on component (Darkness/KevinC/Eris Shrugged/LotusBlade)
  • interceptors & drones now do EM damage (Jackrel/HoboElf)
  • raiders now do Radiation damage (Jackrel/HoboElf)
  • decreased fighter ReuseTime from 10.0 to 4.0 seconds (KevinC/Jackrel/LotusBlade)
  • sped up fighters attack rate by 20%
  • can down tell fighters to target a specific enemy (hotkey defaults to F) (Darkness/LotusBlade/Excellion/Bluddy)
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