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- The old races should have no extra animus towards the new ones. It's enough that they have different philosophies. Otherwise, you end up with the old races always at war against the new races, which isn't interesting.
- The old races had the advantage that they had unique identities, which we came to know. The new races are random, and as such, it's much harder to care about them. I think it's important to emphasize the collection of traits they have so as to give them more personality. It would help if the races constantly had little blurbs to say. It's particularly useful when you're in the relation menu screen: let them say something (as if we clicked on the talk button with a ship).
- One thing that would help with making these traits seem real is if the races talked about each other. Freedom-oriented races would make comments that the slavery-based races bother them etc. Rather than just having background relations decrease due to differing traits, let us hear the races speak about each other and how they like/dislike their philosophies.
- Is there an option to turn off new races for a sector? I'd love to have that for the classic race feel.
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