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Old 06-14-2016, 04:12 PM
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Default Prestige of Clan (o.o)

I managed to hit level 100 with a character on "Insane" (my difficulty classification listed below). Here is a screenshot of the Prestige of (o.o):
Glorious 30 GB video of gameplay from levels 66-100:

The purpose of this post is to go over my character, strategy and give some insight into my thinking for getting to level 100.

5 Difficulty Level Classifications

In general, I rank the games 'difficulty modes' as follows:

CheeseFest = No Mods
Hardcore = Hardcore Mod
Insane = Hardcore, Unlucky, Ego, Poverty, Lost, Fragile, Clumsy, Loner
Uber = (All Insane Mods) + Cursed
Impossible = (All Insane Mods) + Prima Dona
Chuck Norris = (All Insane Mods) + Cursed + Prima Dona

I don't think that Uber difficulty would be too hard to beat, and do regret not turning Cursed on. But, I think that Impossible+ are ridiculous challenges. Even though Cursed gives a score of 1.5 and Prima Dona gives a score of 1.2, I rank Prima Dona as harder than Cursed because you need the mods from common/rare/very rare items early in the game to make builds work. For example, spell damage, minion damage nodes, status effect duration, etc. All of these rolls can be acquired on artifact+ gear, but artifact+ gears can only roll 1-2 of them, and usually never does. This combined with the rarity of artifact+ gear in the early game makes Cursed gear significantly easier to acquire than usable Prima Dona gear. And, in general, I find that most set+ gear in this game is trash 99% of the time (excluding weapons, which are generally actually really good). I know that Cursed items have a penalty attached to them, but honestly, I can't see them being anything more than a minor annoyance (-stats? just refresh for a vendor to buy stat potions as needed, -light radius = negligible, etc., all are managable). Chuck Norris is kind of the gg difficulty though. I tried playing on it. I farmed a Cursed area for an hour at level 10 and recieved 0 cursed drops, let alone a set+ item. Cursed + Prima Dona is an entirely different realm of difficulty.

My character

I played a Druid/Dark Templar to level 100. My only damage ability throughout the run was Earthquake. I used Stength of Stone + Unholy Vitality to meet the strength needs for gear; meaning that I invested 0 points into strength. Throughout the early and mid-game, I invested 0 points into dexterity, meaning that I played with no weapon and crappy shields until level 73.

My strategies were as follows:
- Use a macro to level my character to 18. Basically refreshed area and walked through gate to get that sweet +777 experience for discovering a new area. I go for 18 because that's when you have enough points to invest in Pain Delay, which makes you practically invincible (I go over this later).
- Use a macro to refresh my spawn area to spawn merchants to buy/sell gear up to level 20-ish. Mainly looked for spell damage, status effect duration, and combat experience. I managed to get around 200% combat experience at level 20, which helped a ton.
- Slowly grind my way through levels while acquiring gear until I could start farming reasonably. Most of my time from level 20-30 was spent with the half exp penalty from changing areas.
- Refresh spawn world until you get worlds with Plaguebearers and Sand Amorphs to farm fast and safely.
- I aimed for the Soul Eater trait immediately asap in the hopes of mitigating all mana needs. Howevever, I don't know if it is bugged or incompable, but it wasn't nearly as effective as I hoped. I definately wasn't getting 3% leech off of my damage throughout most of the game. But, once my damage hit the 1ks, the mana leech seemed to kick in. I don't really know, but I can only say don't rush this and get it late game.
- At level 66, I hit a large power spike and started 1-shotting things. My damage went from ~500 to ~1.5k. That's when I facerolled the rest of the game.

More advanced strategies used:
- During the early game, log off to refresh the cooldown of Mana Regen (the spell).
- Abuse Pain Delay: The way that Pain Delay works is that you attacks against you deal 0 damage and 'miss'. The damage is then converted into a DoT and applied to you. If a DoT of the same damage type is pre-existing, then the old DoT is removed and a new DoT is added with the preexisting DoT's values and the new DoT's values. How is this abusable? Well, there is a 1 second window before the first tick of the DoT deals damage, so if you are attacked constantly by a source of damage of the same type (auto-attacks), then you become literally invulnerable because the DoT will continually refresh before the first tick of damage is applied. Once the source of damage ends (you killed the person attacking you), you can simply relog to erase the DoT on you. This allows you to ration potions and take 0 damage from almost everything. Darkness (the spell) is also very useful for making sure that casters have to auto-attack you.

I believe that Earthquake it the best damage ability in the game for the end-game. It's DPS is great, cast time is low, AoE is high and it does physical damage which isn't resisted by most monsters. But, it's balanced because it's early-mid game are so bad. Also, I think that Summoners may be better. But, I need to make a summoner first.

Three other builds that I think have potential are Necromancer + Druid, Shaman + Druid and Wizard. Really, any build is viable because of Pain Delay. But, some builds are better than other. The Necro+Druid lets you use wands and has a good progression with Bolt of Gloom into late game Earthquake + Summons. It also has good synergy with getting Mana Barrier. The problem is that you have to delay Pain Delay until level 36 (I died at level 35 on my char before my Druid/Dark Temp and was so salty!). Shaman + Druid lets you use Hardiness, a Resistance (at higher levels), and Holy Fire. I underestimated Holy Fire. It's actually arguably better than Lightning arrow at all stages of the game, which is very impressive. The only problem is that Hardiness is nowhere near as good as Unholy Vitaility in the late game, and you can't use mail. A pure wizard is good because you can get strong AoE and single target along with a powerful late game synergy between mana barrier, pain delay and good passives that support everything (Concentration + Deep Thought). The only real downside is that you can't use mail and don't get a late game health buff skill (Hardiness/Unholy Vitality). But, pain delay + strong mana regeneration may make this a non-issue. Who knows (mage will be my 2nd character to make after I finish my next).

Notable Info About Run:
- I acquired 0 rings throughout my play time.
- I managed to buy 1 knapsack at level 21 (I was so happy!).
- I got a large backpack at around level 52. (Bringing me to 2 packs dropped total for my level 100 run)
- Went from 66 to 100 twice as fast as my Shock Bolt character. (4 hours to 2 hours). Though, I wonder how fast I was with my Reaver+Dark Templar.
- Abandoned 1,580 areas.
- Final Score = 298.6
- I'm not sure what my spell damage was when I officially hit 100 (probably around 600), but it's 857.6% atm = 9,124 damage on each hit with 100% crushing blows.

I'm going to try to get an Uber win next with a summoner. I really want to win with a summoner.

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Old 07-29-2016, 07:16 PM
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Woops, I accidentally posted in the wrong thread. I meant to post over at:
awkward bump
Please ignore.

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