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Old 12-31-2012, 12:25 PM
jeeplaw jeeplaw is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 29

Originally Posted by PixelLord View Post
We want to hear from you! What new things and/or improvements would you like to see in a Drox Operative Expansion.

Thanks in advance for all your thoughts and comments!
I'd love the ability to have "discovering" a planet really do something in regards to your status or a new ability found out, or the ability as a drox operative to have some semblence of building out your OWN 4x planet empire..wishful thinking
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Old 01-01-2013, 04:38 AM
droxop55 droxop55 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 28

Do I get to add other suggestions?
  • I am going to recommend some sort of prestige levels beyond level 100, or perhaps the 'reincarnate' like feature in the Disgaea series. In Disgaea (all versions) you could reincarnate one of your characters into the same class, or a different class, but the base starting statistics would be higher on the next reincarnate. You could, in essence, reincarnate a character over and over until it hit max stats (which max stats were impossible to achieve without many reincarnates). Of course, your sector would still have to be difficult to keep the balance.
  • Alternately, If not base stats upon a resurrect, maybe being able to keep one race specific component that can carry over into your next ship. Being able to do that over and over would add more race specific components, perhaps 'prestige' components, or the prestige components could be a component slot of a type of your choosing, but it would have to be a specific type, such as a thruster type, or battery, or power plant. It would be very cool to be able to have a ship that you have hand made in that way.

    Id probably say additional base stats, AND a prestige component slot would be my suggestion.

  • A level sync type feature for multiplayer games allowing higher level ships joining a lower level game to 'sync' to the lowest level ship. The higher level ship gains normal xp (your lower sync level vs the monster) toward its current level, but loot would be near your real ship level. It is a feature that Guild Wars 2 has, and Final Fantasy 11.
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Old 01-01-2013, 08:37 PM
droxop55 droxop55 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 28

Adding a Gamble feature at planets, offering unidentified components for high prices (similar to diablo 2 gamble vendor) would be a great credit sink.
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Old 01-02-2013, 07:05 AM
Valgor Valgor is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 600

Regarding a gambling feature, I like the "toss two crappy components and receive a (possibly) better component in return" idea that was suggested earlier.

It could work like this : The player has two uncommon tweaked components of the same type (say, two heavy lasers mk.II) they don't want/need and sell them off to the "gambler" vendor.
In return, they receive a rare heavy laser mk.III; either carrying the best tweaks from the lasers they sold off ("combine"), or a new set of random tweaks ("rebuild").
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Old 01-02-2013, 11:20 AM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 2,062

This is a list of stuff that can be done in the expansion as well as things I'd like to see in the base game.

- Split the currency up. This worked really well for DoP and I think it'll be good here (and was suggested elsewhere). Have one kind of currency (A) for operations on planets and for bribing races, and another (B) as your personal fortune that you can use to buy stuff with. You could only get (A) from the Drox high command, and the amount you get depends on how well you did in the previous sector. This makes things like spending on propaganda worthwhile, and you need to figure out how to best use the limited resources you have (or make more of them) in the sector. Otherwise, why invest in propaganda when you always have the option of not spending your money, or of just starting a new sector?

- Make planets more interesting. Some produce ships, some produce food, some produce industry etc. (They'd all produce a little of those things for local consumption, but only a few can export them). As a race, if most planets are hostile, you need food producing planets to expand your population. Wars would then be largely about precious resources in the sector and every planet would feel very different (and important).

- Remove the store at every planet. It makes the random loot drop meaningless, because you have much more random loot produced at different planets where you can actually choose between 20 random items. Only a few, particularly rich planets should sell stuff. Also, only a few, really hospitable planets would generate tourism income.

- Only a few key planets should repair your ship. It removes the repetition of moving to tackle monsters, then going to a nearby planet to repair. It's as if every level in DC had an armorsmith. Only specific planets should have repair facilities, and those should be planets you really want to protect. Again, make us want to remember specific planets so they're not just names.

- The main thing that bothers me about Drox is that it doesn't feel like space. There are too many monsters everywhere -- something that belongs in a dungeon but not in space, which is supposed to be mostly empty. I think there needs to be a narrative device to explain the presence of monsters. As one idea, pirates and monsters could be attracted to the things produced by civilizations (money, food, yummy people). This would mean that most empty sectors should be just that -- empty space with a few (very few) monsters here and there. They would really give the feeling of being 'in space'. Then, when you approach civilized areas, the monster density would go up to current levels. It also means that in the beginning, when races are just establishing their home worlds, there are fewer monsters to destroy them, which balances out. As they become bigger, more monsters appear to take their loot -- sort of like barbarians at the gates.

- Some dialog appearing on-screen when pirates attack you. In space (unlike fantasy dungeons), you face off against mostly intelligent critters capable of conversation. Not hearing these nameless hordes say anything hurts immersion. Things like hearing "Die Drox scum!!!" would really help increase the feeling of being in space. You could even have a brief text conversation with a pirate before he attacks you.

- There are some items that are always extremely effective, and you can essentially use them for the whole game once you find them. Items that give you boosts in the 100s of percentages (such as cloak, or critical boost) should be balanced either by giving you a huge weakness, by being un-fixable, or by being limited to working for only 10 levels or so.

- AOE weapons still need to be balanced. Bombs, for example, still seem really strong -- especially when combined with the cloak and critical hit bonuses. Perhaps explosive damage should not get any bonus from items.

- As your ship grows, its model gets bigger and bigger, eventually taking up a sizable chunk of your view. I'd like to have the option to zoom out further when my ship gets that big, but I currently don't have that option without adjusting user variables.
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Old 01-02-2013, 12:30 PM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 2,062

- Another thing I would like to see improve is the way planets are handled in general. I have a big issue with the way that shooting laser at a planet reduces its population/health. This kind of abstraction makes it really hard to take this part of the game seriously: a few lasers, some bombs and a whole planet is gone? My suggestion would be something along these lines:

- Each planet has certain 'components' ie facilities: shipyard, farm, protective housing, store, factory, research labs. The bigger the colony, the more components they can have. Some components would only be possible on certain planets. Other components, like 'protective dome' would be necessary on hazardous planets. A rich planet may upgrade 'farm' to 'super farm' or something. These things take investment to build -- ie. something the races can build other than just ships. We don't need to see these things though -- a sprite + a textual description is all that's necessary.

- When you attack a planet, you can't reduce its population directly (unless you're using some forbidden weapon like gray goo). All you can do is damage a 'component', if you're lucky. A laser blast has a very small chance of hitting anything. If it does hit a component though, it'll damage it. A bomb has a bigger chance of damaging something. You could have a whole bunch of new weapons whose main objective is damaging planet facilities.

- If you destroy a factory, that takes time to rebuild. In the meantime, the population won't have jobs and might rebel, and the planet's output capacity is nullified. Destroy the farms, and the population could starve, relying on outside shipments of food. Blockade the planet, and food won't arrive in time to feed the population, which will decrease until it's gone. This obviously gives sabotage a much more interesting role, since it can accomplish the goal of attacking a planet without the need to actually attack.

- This also means you don't need planets to endlessly produce ships -- planets aren't so vulnerable, and anyway once their shipyard/factories are down, it'll be impossible for them to produce more ships. The race can try to send in ships from other colonies, though.

- There's an opportunity here to use the fact that some ships are organic monsters -- they'll actually swoop into the planet and devour a certain number of people, terrorizing the populace in the process. Pirate monsters, however, would only be able to blast planet facilities, like every other ship.
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Old 01-02-2013, 01:06 PM
bailey4500 bailey4500 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 3

1. More random weirdness and an expansion of the 4x idea. I want to be able to write really cool meta-game stuff about the crazy stuff that happened.
2. Multiple weapons bound to 1 key.
3. More races+weapons. Make the races a bit more unique from each other.
4. An outside threat that pulls everyone together or something cool along those lines.
5. Random shaped sectors.
6. In-game pause while still being able to check stuff like inventory/relations.
7. Space stations, asteroid belts, stars blowing up, comets,.....more stuff.
8. A better way to relay important information to the operative.
9. More ways to mess with the races.
10. Ship customization (visually).
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Old 01-02-2013, 05:29 PM
adrianadrian adrianadrian is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 2

It would also be cool to have freelancers operating in each sector that function in a similar way to the drox operative (e.g. solving quests, declaring war, making peace, etc) but without the might of the guild behind them (no respawn).

And maybe a working, changing economy for trading commodities, adding another element to race relations and locations.
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Old 01-02-2013, 10:46 PM
ztrauq ztrauq is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 1

I would second a lot of what has been posted. Certainly more content would always be good - more races, ships, weapons/items, monsters, space events, anomaly and scanning effects/results, etc. I would also like to especially second the ability to target and destroy space mines.

Another thing I would like to suggest is the ability to purchase another item-specific slot, with a varying cost depending on what the item slot was for. There are only four currently listed in the race-specific equipment section, so you could squeeze one more in there.

You could also implement something where you could permanently sacrifice one of your cargo bay slots for another general slot (priced differently for a light/medium/heavy slot).

A few things on my personal wish list: every ship upgrade absolutely must give you a slot of some sort in additional to any other bonuses or drawbacks, especially given how the upgrades increase significantly in point cost with each subsequent one. I’d also suggest that the rate of energy regen per engineering point be buffed somewhat, so you can actually field a good selection of weapons and fire them for more than a few seconds without filling almost all your light slots with battery rechargers...

Someone earlier suggested having some additional win conditions. Here are a few ideas that I thought of:

-Exploration Win: Completely explore the entire sector, locating all planets, space gates, starlanes, wormholes, and scanning all storage pods/space junk and anomalies.
-Commerce Win: Solve a large number of goods-transport quests, and also buy/sell a certain number of items to at least 50% of the races in the sector.
-Super Secret Win: Find all of the secrets in the entire sector. Doing this opens up a new dimensional pocket in a random location containing a ridiculously huge secret boss, and defeating it wins the sector.

Also, a note on Bluddy’s suggestions: as far as the limitations on trading and repairing, if those were to be added, I would suggest adding them on as an optional condition on the sector screen like unlucky, etc., rather than implementing them unilaterally throughout the game. Making those sorts of limitations an option can keep the game appealing to both casual and hardcore players.

I would also suggest keeping the general separation between the civilizations in the center of a star system and the monster swarms mostly on the fringes due to performance reasons. For me, the game already starts slowing down in some of the large swarms - trying to have it render that on top of a full racial fleet, with everything firing at once, would bring the program to a crawl on anything but the most current and powerful systems.
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Old 01-03-2013, 03:28 AM
ScrObot ScrObot is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 258

I'd like to see more random events that would really stand out, things that are different than what you see after you've played for 10+ hours. Some of these should probably not happen until you have a ship of a certain level or something. Off the top of my head:

1. There could be a distinct multiple-wave monster attack near an inhabited planet that you would get a quest and timer for, and when the timer is up, the attack would begin. Perhaps a temporary AI-only black hole would appear that they warp in from.

2. Letting monsters run amok in a system could cause the system's star to supernova, messing with that system in a bad way (or different bad ways).

3. Similar to the above, there could be "toxic" type systems that races won't colonize and do slow damage over time while traveling through them, but you still have to deal with it to get to other systems and/or complete quests.

4. I still like the idea of huge boss ships, possibly even multiple-screen big, that were in their own (smaller?) system, where you would have to fight off its minions and destroy its vital parts and/or turrets, etc. Perhaps a special warp gate would appear specifically for this.

5. I agree that ship customization would be great, though I'm not sure the best way to go about it given the current implementation. The idea of being able to sacrifice slots for a higher top speed or better turning radius or something is interesting.

6. How about something that is really cool, but has an equally uncool side effect, such as resetting all your map data? It should be something you can choose (e.g. a special NPC that you could buy a crazy component from that does something unique, but it has to "upgrade your system", erasing the map data).

7. How about some sort of damage over time or speed penalty (not applicable to monsters) or something to discourage kiting enemies out of the mapped system area?

8. I think it'd also be cool to be able to randomly (somewhat rarely) damage a specific part of an enemy ship (and have the corresponding visuals); take out an engine, which reduces their speed, or disable a weapon. I think it'd be cool if every now and then I shot an enemy (maybe only non-common level enemies) and his engine started smoking like crazy and his speed halved, etc. This isn't meant to replace weapons which cause specific status effects, just something cool that happens every once in a while.

9. Perhaps the introduction of some specific skills, possibly race-specific, that could be upgraded. Nothing overkill, and maybe they have a long cooldown, and maybe you can only have one. Some quick ideas:
- a skill that increases your speed and cloaks you for 15 seconds (with like a 5-10 minute cooldown).
- one that lets you drop an ememy-attracting turret that shoots or counts down to an explosion.
- one that lets you drop two devices, and when the second one is dropped a beam connects them and applies status effects to ships that fly through it (could be different skills or upgrades for the status effect).
- some could be non-combat oriented, such as firing a device onto a colony ship that gives you some sort of bonus when it colonizes a planet, or one that allows you to tag a planet for a temporary production boost (though that's a little more nebulous as it's not quite as apparent what's going on there), etc.
(There really is no reason these couldn't just be new component types, but differentiating the races more and giving you more customization options I think is a good idea.)

10. An allied race could give you a message that they will attack enemy planet X and give you a timer, then you could join them. This would be different as they would be massing in an adjacent system and then go through all at once. (This happened in Space Rangers 2 and was cool.)
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