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Old 06-27-2020, 10:43 PM
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Default Proposal: Stability

The goal of this proposal is:

- Allow a way to take down runaway empires with a ton of planets. These empires are really hard to make a dent in.
- Make use of some additional systems in Drox 2, like traits and treaty types.

Basically, think of the happiness measure from Zombasite, and apply it to a race, but rather than symbolizing relations, you're simulating the 'stability' of the race. The idea is that large empires are unstable and difficult to keep going long-term.

Stability would be a value each race has. The value can range from say, 50 to -100, with 30-50 being highly stable, 0-30 being neutral, -30-0 being unstable, -30 to -70 being very unstable and -70 to -100 being extremely unstable. (The ranges are hypothetical, but you get the idea).

Each planet can give +1 stability when it's fully stable, but up to -5 stability if it's doing badly. This simulates how large empires can collapse: adding a new planet is potentially a source of problems, enough to overwhelm many other planets.

A planet is fully stable when it has no problems. Each problem (i.e. quest) can add negative stability. Rebellions are the worst. To make a large empire unstable, you'd want to cause trouble rather than necessarily destroying a planet.

Additionally, other things give temporary stability hits:
- Losing a planet gives a temporary stability hit of -10.
- Breaking an alliance gives a stability hit (-10?).
- Losing an important ship gives a temporary stability hit (-1).
- Using traits: if a race is militaristic, not being at war gives it a stability hit.
- If a race is pacifist, being at war gives it a stability hit.
- A xenophobic race gets a stability hit from befriending a different-looking race.
- A monster attack on a planet will cause a temporary stability hit up to the planetary maximum (-5).

Low stability has effects on everything the race does: fighters do less damage and have less defense. Planets mine less. Populations grow less. Quests resolve badly automatically rather than resolving well. The worse the stability, the worse the overall effect.

At extreme instability, bad things can happen to a race: it has a good chance of splitting up its empire into two races. Alternatively, it may seek out to become the protectorate/vassal/tributary of another, bigger race (if such a race exists), which would restore its stability. It might sue for peace automatically if the race isn't militaristic. Another option is that it could go into an Anarchy state, where each planet vies for itself, no minerals are mined and planets die off due to lack of food.

This will probably need some tuning to avoid every race devolving into maximum negative stability, but could add a much needed way to affect races, especially the biggest empires. The basic idea though is that the bigger the empire, the less stable it is as problems accumulate. It's *hard* to run a huge empire successfully.
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