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Old 06-28-2020, 06:27 PM
Jackrel Jackrel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
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Default Simple quality of life buffs for Fighters

I recently decided to take a look into fighters to try and come up with some suggestions to buff them, or at the least change them to be less management intensive for people trying to run pet builds, this involved looking over all the monster and skill files that affect fighters as well as creating a simple mod file to test out some minor adjustments. With that said, the following suggestions are my way of boosting fighters to be useful while not changing too much about how they work, or more importantly making them exceptionally broken.

First thing i was looking at is the general lack of functional difference in the different fighter types.
- they have a basic setup to appear different on paper, but most do the same thing.
I think that changing fighters to use a wider range of damage types than just thermal and explosive would be a good fit.
- for example, changing the interceptor to use kinetic damage and maybe fire projectiles instead of beams, similar to the single or dual plasma cannons but probably as a burst attack
- or setting the raiders to deal radiation damage in small amounts, since they seem to be setup as a fast and light dps sort of monster
- emp could be attributed to the stealth fighters or drones

I believe that increasing each fighters attack speed would also work to make them feel a little more useful
- as it stands now 2 fighter bays of fighters take about 2 to 3 times longer to destroy a planet than two heavy weapons of similar level
- a small boost of about .2 to .3 to attack speed would be enough to bring beam fighters more in line with other weapons dps
- a slight boost to bombers attack speeds would also be welcome

Another issue I noted and had heard from others is the cost to summon and cooldown time on fighter bays is excessive for what amounts to gating how fast you can get your squadron in play and keep them at full force. I actually tested this out and was surprised that I could fly from one side of a system to the other in as relative a straight line as avoiding the systems sun allowed with only a low output engine for thrust and was not able to get 2 bays worth of fighters deployed before i reached the opposite edge.
- I tested some values out and found a nice balance setting the base skill power cost to 6 from 18, and setting the cooldown to 3 seconds. this allowed me to get my squadron fully into play in a comfortably fast time while still having to keep an eye on my power spending as i went up in level, this also meant that i was able to stream out replacement fighters in a better than futile effort to fight back against large groups of enemies should my squadron get wiped out by an explosion

On the note of explosions, if it is possible it would be great to see an update to fighter AI to reduce their tendency to group up into angry bee swarms that get wiped out by single explosive attacks

Another Idea to boost them would be to allow fighters to rank up from kills. - similar to the unit rank up mechanic attached to monsters
This would probably require a bit of doing as i was only able to get them to spawn as a higher rank at summon and never saw them score upgrades from kills when i was tooling with my test mod. But allowing them to upgrade, if at all possible would be a fun addition that would improve our currently generic fighters with better survivability the longer they stayed alive.
- I would say fighters may need their own rank presets though, as the generic monster ranks while being fun and amusing, get kind of broken and overpowered once you get a fighter of rare or higher rank.

Off the last note of fighters upgrading via kill, it would be nice if our angry little bees could persist through saves. As it stands now when i save and exit i lose my fighters the moment i load that save game. It would be nice to be able to keep my squadron in play between play sessions. This is honestly my last suggestion because I don't really know how much would need to go into this to change it as its not a thing weve been able to do in previous Soldak games.

Any other addons to fighters would be welcome, weather it be skills, components or even crew abilities. Just thought i would share what i found to work well, and ideas i had to make the current fighter system more interesting and more on parr with other build types
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Old 06-29-2020, 03:18 AM
Join Date: Aug 2013
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Nice ideas. I also want to point out that as far as i see right now fighters are completely unrelated to the player's itemization, making no point of getting well-rolled items or using high attack / crit builds.

I propose that player equipment and attack / defence stats also affect fighters (for example modules like "+% Weapon Speed" or mods like "+% weapon damage" should apply to any fighters)
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Old 06-29-2020, 06:58 AM
Jackrel Jackrel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 13

I was thinking that if pet centric components were not to become a thing, it would be nice if pets could benefit from at least a portion of your components stats. Like dryad Regen, computer defense and attack, etc
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