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  1. Quick and Dirty Hex Editing and Etc
  2. Quick and Dirty Modding - One Sided Balance
  3. Modding methods?
  4. modding fighter bay
  5. Im looking for a Ship Speed/Turn Speed Uncapper
  6. Looking for Radar/Minimap/Fog mods
  7. How do Mod an Sector/Race Auction House?
  8. How to mod lateral/frontal thrusters for the ship?
  9. How to customize my race bonuses, slots and ship through mods?
  10. A few modding questions
  11. Missile speed bonus and turn rate bonus.
  12. Multiple fighters using 1 slot
  13. French Translation / Traduction franšaise [EN/FR]
  14. Texture / Image files
  15. How moddable is it?
  16. changing models
  17. MOD: Fast Open and Identify
  18. MOD: Cargo Bays - No Level Requirement
  19. MOD: Increased Stack Size
  20. MOD: Customize End Game
  21. MOD: All Giant Cargo Bays
  22. Can the Fog of War be removed with a mod?
  23. Magic find modifiers?
  24. How hard would it be to mod the Ship Selection screen?
  25. Mod Idea: Ship Selection
  26. [Mod Release] Stashable Crew and Doomsday Weapons
  27. Mod: Increase Max Speed
  28. How do I mod the game?
  29. MOD: Crew Points Per Level
  30. MOD: More Experience
  31. Modding console / debugger
  32. Mod: Stronger beam weapons
  33. Is it possible to make enemies always drop their quest items?
  34. Targetable space mines?
  35. [Questions]
  36. Mod Request: Different Racial Slot Items for the Hive
  37. Number of races
  38. Creating New Weapon Type
  39. Mod that displays current exp?
  40. Adding new modifiers to items?
  41. Mod, increasing tweaked items drop chance
  42. How do ya actually do the Modding in this game...?
  43. Extreme Weapon Damage Mod
  44. Drox Mod SDK
  45. Extracting TGA Files
  46. Drox Operative Star trek mod
  47. New Races Mod
  48. Mod: Balanced Command
  49. Mod: Clone Class
  50. Reduce the number of pirates
  51. A quick question as to Autofire
  52. Mod Question
  53. Sorry for this stupid question, but...
  54. 512x512 Font Textures
  55. AI Pacing
  56. Does modifying Classes.gdb affect the player only?
  57. [Help] Command ThrowObject
  58. Anyway to zoom the view out more?
  59. [ Mod request]
  60. Looking for help with loot
  61. Possible Mod Idea: AOE Aimed Weapon
  62. Rarity and Quality Chances
  63. Small balance tweaks [mod]
  64. Explosive Rockets
  65. UI Modding Questions
  66. How to add more planet names
  67. What mods do you all use regularly?
  68. [wip] playable subraces
  69. Crew Spawn Chance
  70. Mod request - fast sell
  71. Shared Stash in semi-hardcore
  72. Question about moding sounds.
  73. MOD: Larger Minimap
  74. [R] Better Fighters
  75. [R] Better Services
  76. Mod request - diplomacy mod
  77. Localization for Asian Language
  78. Console commands
  79. Cargo Bay for 20 items
  80. I've tried create mods too hard =)
  81. Want more requirement of exp for next level
  82. How to make?
  83. Custom quests
  84. Racial command bonuses
  85. Possible to modify the lights that appear on the medium/heavy hull variants?
  86. Three modding questions
  87. Request: Mod to unlock all subraces
  88. Mod for "potions" items
  89. IotA Mod: All Subraces unlocked
  90. [Mod] Cosnumables boosting crew points
  91. Mod help needed with exp and levels
  92. Mod questions: Crew, CrewSpecialized, SpawnChance
  93. Changing Attribute Requirements
  94. Set Items?
  95. Is it possible to mod diplomacy?
  96. Mods folder not working on steam version
  97. mod to auto pickup certain items?
  98. How to create a larger shared stash?
  99. Having trouble to modify Racial Slots (wall of text/code)
  100. Mod help with energy regeneration
  101. Need help to Mod Max Lvl
  102. Mod Wanted : Iota Racial slots unlocked.
  103. lvl up item service or enhancement limit removal
  104. [Mod Request/Idea] Crew cabin equip item's
  105. [Mod Request/Idea] "Custom" equip slots for ship's
  106. Mod Request/Idea: Increase Max Number of Factions to 10
  107. petition for devs to allow modders external control of game code
  108. How to mod credits of vendors?
  109. UI modding questions
  110. how to mod scavenge ability?
  111. A pack of UI mods
  112. Mod: Making Monster Races Playable
  113. MOD request - Inventory screen stops in-game time
  114. MOD: Consistent Crew Equipment
  115. Ability to change class/race
  116. [HELP] Reputation Decay
  117. [mod Req: Double damage of Kinetic and missile weapons]
  118. Taking (Basic) Requests
  119. Mods don't function anymore
  120. Mod Request Please
  121. Mod request: invasion of the ancients chip mod
  122. mod request: store doomsday weapons in stashes
  123. more vendor money?
  124. Mod request: more weapons with chip slots
  125. giant cargo bays
  126. Mod: Storm Nerf
  127. Mod: Boost to Fighters
  128. Mod & screenshot locations?
  129. Zip file problems
  130. Be thankful
  131. Dialog editing.
  132. How do I make Crew and Chips ignore level?
  133. Should be simple, but...
  134. Mod request: inventory and character screens pause game
  135. How can I re-enable the Drakk crew recruitment quests, after winning the game?
  136. Mods
  137. Planet Regen Mod Possible?
  138. Tuning monsters
  139. Drox Mods Online? (Steam Version)
  140. Mod: No Mines
  141. Bored, looking for a New Game+ Style Mod
  142. Well, it doesn't hurt to ask, right?
  143. Planet Names
  144. Mod possibilities?
  145. Modelling and texturing
  146. Cargo Bay for 24 items
  147. Various Mods
  148. [Feedback Needed][Under Construction] Racial Restructure
  149. Trying to modify NoStash variable in Crew.gdb
  150. Editing quests in a currently-running sector?
  151. Modding mandatory Drox quests to not cause sector loss
  152. Identify All
  153. Highlighting new items while scavenging?
  154. Minimap is being doubled instead of replaced on merge
  155. Save system.gdb
  156. Shield Multiplier Boost
  157. Assistance with some code
  158. Silence annoying music mod
  159. Extended Drox Guild Quest Times
  160. Modding Diplomacy
  161. Stronger Races Mod V1
  162. Can you mod the race's unique vendor powers?
  163. Faster and instant scanning and opening.
  164. Drox Op 1 mods work in Drox Op 2?