View Full Version : Sneak Peek #5: Ranzkin the Gnome

Delilah Rehm
12-09-2008, 10:38 PM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #5: Ranzkin the Gnome

Like most gnomes, Ranzkin is short, standing at eleven inches high. He wears an ice blue coat with a wide black belt around his ample middle. A conical red hat tops his round head. He has ruddy cheeks, bushy white eyebrows and a long white beard mirroring the triangular aspect of his hat.

Interviewer: Good day, Ranzkin. Do you think being a native to the forest will give you an advantage on the island?

Ranzkin: Hello. It might be an advantage, but I think I知 fairly rounded as a player considering some things will be quite a bit difficult for a gnome. When it comes to the surviving part of the game, I値l be fine.

Interviewer: Robert Moore from Colorado wants to know, "Will you be using your cleaning ability to try and make the other contestants want to keep you around to pick up after them?"

Ranzkin: Umm, we値l be on an island. I don稚 think there値l be much to pick up. And all gnomes are not alike. I知 not a house gnome. I知 a forest gnome.

Interviewer: Mary Story from Georgia asks, "Will your size prevent you from winning challenges?"

Ranzkin: Some challenges I値l be more apt to win because of my normal, non-gigantic size. Others I won稚 have a snowflake痴 chance in summer. For the most part, I don稚 think it will be an issue.

Interviewer: Being confident is a plus. What do you think your chances are for getting voted onto the island?

Ranzkin: I知 surprised I致e made it this far. With over half of the applicants remaining making the show, I think my chances are pretty good at this point.

Interviewer: Why should the viewers vote you onto the island?

Ranzkin: The viewers should pick whom they please. If it happens to be me, I値l be grateful. If not, I値l return to my toadstool knowing I did my best.