View Full Version : Sneak Peek #13: William the Werewolf

Delilah Rehm
12-19-2008, 12:02 PM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #13: William the Werewolf

William combs back cork colored hair revealing a prominent forehead and soulful dark eyes. He wears a collared shirt with the top two buttons open in a v shape.

Interviewer: I know youíre a fantastical creature, but most of the time youíre nothing but human. The one time a month youíll change, youíll kill or infect all of the other contestants! How does it make sense for you to apply for this show?

William: Iím not that kind of werewolf. I can change at will at night, anytime. There has been some concern about when thereís a full moon, because that is the only time Iím animalistic and out of control, but the producers seem to think the other fantastical creatures can deal with it.

Interviewer: That would be one crazy episode! Since producers always do the right thing, I guess it will be okay. As a werewolf, are there any creatures who are your natural enemy?

William: Are there any creatures who are yours? Enemies usually come on an individual basis. By the end of the show, Iíll have plenty.

Interviewer: What will you miss most when youíre stranded on the island?

William: Music. I love classical compositions. Beethoven, Bach. Chopin if Iím in the right mood. Music is soothing to the soul. Itís what separates people from animals.

Interviewer: Do you think youíll be a target the other players want to vote off immediately?

William: I wouldnít think so. Itís true Iím infectious, but many other creatures are more deadly than I. Iím hoping in my human form, Iíll be overlooked. I wonít be winning any ribbons for the most exotic creature.

Interviewer: Besides full moon mayhem, why do voters want you on the show?

William: Werewolves have gotten a bad rap. Not all of us are evil, vile beings. Iíll show that there are more aspects than the raging wolf. Humans are fantastical in their own rite. Iíll mix with the best of the players, and Iíll prevail.