View Full Version : Sneak Peek #20: Snowshield the Dwarf

Delilah Rehm
01-03-2009, 12:24 AM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #20: Snowshield the Dwarf

Fiery red hair runs rampant on Snowshieldís squat frame. He has thick brows and wears his long beard in a braid. His axe is half his size but he lifts it easily with his arm muscles wider than his head.

Interviewer: Is it true female dwarves are as ugly as they say?

Snowshield: Thatís a ridiculous question! Iíll have you know female dwarves are the prettiest of all females Iíve ever laid eyes on.

Interviewer: But do they have beards?

Snowshield: Do you not know the difference between men and women? No, they donít have beards. Least none Iíve ever seen. They just be a shy bunch; donít like to be out among other races.

Interviewer: Dwarves are good at mining, but on the island finding food and drinkable water will be a top priority. How will your skills help you survive?

Snowshield: People are more than what their race is good at, you know. Thatís like asking ĎSince all humans are greedy, evil bastards, how are you going to get into heaven?í Oh, I know my stones. Did well in school with math, reading and mining. But Iíve been more interested in dark farming. Not all plants need the sun.

Interviewer: What if the island doesnít have caves and you have to spend all of daytime in the sun?

Snowshield: I ainít afraid of travel. Killed my share of daylight monsters back in my youth. Should be fine on the island. Iím just as good as the others. Itíll be a fine competition.

Interviewer: You sound confident. But why should voters pick you to play the game?

Snowshield: Why wouldnít they? You canít have a Fantastical Creature Reality Show without a dwarf, now can you? Dwarves are a fun loving bunch and Iíll bring good times to the show.