View Full Version : Sneak Peek #22: Amber the Unicorn

Delilah Rehm
01-05-2009, 01:21 PM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #22: Amber the Unicorn

Amberís long golden-champagne colored hair streams down her back ending in soft curls. In her human form, she wears a simple white dress. There is a small scar at her hairline where her horn will be when she transforms into unicorn form.

Interviewer: What exactly is a unicorn girl?

Amber: Iím really a unicorn but when I choose I can change into this human form you see before you.

Interviewer: So youíre a shapeshifter. If someone catches you, do you have to give that person a wish?

Amber: No. Whoever made up that story is a horrible being. We few unicorn remaining in existence fear for our lives and our horns. If our horns are cut off, weíll die.

Interviewer: Thatís terrible! But if you really are a fragile creature, why try to get on the show? Surviving the island is going to be tough.

Amber: All life is fragile. Everyone can die, except maybe the vampire and zombie. But most people arenít hunted to the brink of extinction.

Interviewer: Yet many of the creatures applying for the show have been hunted. I guess youíll have something in common. I donít know what your unicorn form looks like, but the woman you are right now is petit. How are you going to compete with the strong players?

Amber: Everyone should always do their best. I think the way to stay on the island is to have a good-natured heart. Itís the troublemakers who everyone will want to vote off first.

Interviewer: Perhaps. Why should viewers vote you onto the island?

Amber: I really hope they will. I do enjoy games and think this one will be particularly exciting.