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Delilah Rehm
01-19-2009, 07:27 PM
Continued from Part 1 (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1337)...


After Jewel piled a tower of tree chunks taller than herself, most of team Depths sat around it waiting for Nessa and Dedrick to return.

Gorm took over the building of Kiviís bonfire using ice to bond the wood together into a stable structure. He was the tallest on his team. Lina and Lorimer headed for the volcano to get the lava snake. Amber sat on the beach watching the sun set into the ocean.

Dedrick had trouble near the top of the volcano where it became steep and rocky.

"Maybe you should stay here and wait for me," Nessa said.

"Are you sure?" Dedrick asked. "I want to do my part."

"Youíre just slowing me down," Nessa said.


Nessa reached the peak of the cone and slid into the depression. "If I were a snake, where would I be?" She begin turning over rocks.

She hadnít found anything when Lina and Lorimer topped the rise.

"Having trouble?" Lina asked teasingly.

"There are no snakes anywhere!" Nessa shouted.

"Hereís one," Lorimer said, holding up a constrictor. Nessaís mouth dropped open in surprise.

"It isnít a lava snake," Lina said.

"How do you know?" Lorimer asked.

"That constrictor isnít going to set anything on fire."


After more fruitless searching, Lina started digging over the closed vent.

"What are you doing?" Nessa asked. Lina didnít answer. Nessa started digging, widening Linaís hole.

"First oneís mine," Lina said.

"If it works," Nessa replied. The pile of dirt around them grew as the hole deepened. "The soilís getting warm."

When they were knee-deep in the hole, they came across a nest of dull red wriggling snakes. Lina snatched up one and then dropped it. "Lorimer, give me your cape."

Nessa touched one and quickly pulled her hand away. She ripped a strip of cloth off the bottom of her dress and scooped up a snake inside.

Lorimer took off his cape. "Which one? Big or little?"

"Big," Lina replied. "The little ones may not be able to make fire."

Lorimer bundled a snake and raced after Nessa.

Dedrick wanted to see the snake in Nessaís dress. He pulled it out. "It isnít too hot to hold."

The snake bit his front left horse shoulder, causing his coat to catch on fire. He dropped the snake and batted at the flame while skittering nervously.

Nessa caught the lava snake in her torn cloth before it slithered down a hole. "Donít play with it. Just take it back to the beach. Youíll be faster than me!"

Dedrick smothered the fire and flexed the burned skin. "It hurts."

"Can you still run?"

He nodded and took the sack this time. "Whereís Lorimer?"

Nessa looked down the slope. Lina stood off a short distance staring at them. She didnít have their snake. "His magic. Hurry up, Dedrick! Donít worry about Lorimer."


"It was my idea for Lorimer to disappear. Of course he cloaked himself in magic. Iím letting him think weíre pals, maybe working on getting him on my side. I donít know that Iíll ally with him but you can never start building up your options too soon.

"He isnít as good at stealth as he likes to think. He sounded as loud as a cow tromping down the side of the volcano! I couldnít believe Dedrick and Nessa didnít hear him."


Dedrick (centaur) slide-stepped his way down the volcano and trotted though a meadow, favoring his right. The earth shook and he stumbled against a tree. "I hope Lorimer fell on his face." Dedrick sped carefully through the jungle and the ground shook twice more. He arrived back at the beach, shortly followed by a panting Lorimer (sorcerer).

Dedrick tossed the snake filled cloth onto the woodpile just before Gorm (mage) did the same thing with Lorimerís cape. Lorimer limped to the unburning bonfire and retrieved his cape, frowning.

"I donít understand," William (werewolf) said. It isnít working.

"Itís their bite," Dedrick said as Haimes (scree) poked at the Kivi snake with a stick. The Tribe Kivi woodpile burst into flame. The lava snake glowed bright red as it slithered onto the sand and away from the commotion.

"Weíve won!" Lina (rogue) yelled, throwing her arms up in triumph.

The Depths team looked glum. William stalked off into the darkness while Jewel (cyclops) prodded the Depths snake.

"Whatís the point?" Christina (vampire) asked.

Jewel shrugged. "I like fire."

The Kivi bonfire fell into a messy pile low to the ground, sending up sparks and ash.

"What happened?" Amber (unicorn) asked.

"The ice melted." Gorm raised his head and laughed into the dark sky.

When both fires were roaring high, the contestants heard a loud shriek in the sky followed by a large stone falling between the fires.

"What is it?" Kailen (fairy) asked as Eadric (warrior) pulled a paper free from twine that bound it to the stone.

Eadric read out loud, "Congratulations Tribe Kivi. You have won this challenge. Head south along the beach. Your campsite is marked by a large boulder.

"Team Depths, you have lost the challenge. In two days be ready to vote for two people to go onto the sacrificial altar. Each of you will have a chance to win Immunity before the final vote is set. Head north to your campsite which is also marked by a large boulder on the beach."

Christina took the lead north. Ranzkin (gnome) rubbed something on Dedrickís burn.

William walked beside Nessa (elf). "Donít blame yourself."

"I donít," she said.

"I wish I would have come help you get the snake."

"I just couldnít find it in time," Nessa said. "I wouldíve never guessed it was buried if Lina hadnít started digging."

"If anyoneís blamed, I think itíll be Dedrick."

"People wonít choose who they blame the loss on, do you think?" Nessa asked.

"Maybe," William replied.


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