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Delilah Rehm
01-21-2009, 04:39 PM
Continued from Part 1 (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1345)


Dedrick (centaur), Ranzkin (gnome) and Nessa (elf) took the left, Ranzkin in the lead. She convinced the lava snake to move away from her and bite itself to catch on fire. Ranzkin helped it roll, putting out the flame. Its bright red glow lit the path ahead. Nessa trailed behind feeling along the walls.

"What are you doing?" Dedrick asked.

"There might be a hidden passage."

"Oh." Dedrick looked torn between keeping up with Ranzkin and staying near Nessa.

"Go on ahead," Nessa said. "I’ll call if I find something."

"Really?" Dedrick asked.

"Yes, really. Anyone should get the ring before Christina. That’s the most important thing."

Dedrick trotted forward, his hoof beats echoing in the corridor. He caught up to Ranzkin just as she disappeared into the floor screaming.

"Ranzkin!" Dedrick skidded to a halt at the ledge of a hole. He peered over at the disheveled gnome trying to calm down an angry serpent. The snake lunged forward, striking something near Ranzkin and setting it ablaze. As the light grew, Dedrick saw that the pit was full of sharp wooden stakes jutting up from the ground. If he’d been the one to fall into the pit, he’d have surely died. "Are you okay?"

Ranzkin backed away from the flames. "She’s calming down now. I’m fine. Go on without me. You must be the first to the ring."

Dedrick backed up enough to get a running start and leapt over the pit.

When Nessa arrived at the hole and saw Ranzkin below she called down, "Are you okay."

"Yes, but I’m stuck. The walls are too smooth to climb."

"I don’t have anything to get you out," Nessa said.

"I know," Ranzkin replied. "Go find that ring before Christina."



"I have to find the ring. Have to. I don’t like my chances next to a vampire. I’d rather not be on the altar at all, but I’d want anyone else next to me rather than a vampire.

"I know Nessa didn’t vote for me, so at least two of the others must have. If I survive this thing, I’ve got to figure out who my enemies are. Maybe Ranzkin. She might know I’m not fond of her. Who else? Jewel? Probably Christina, that wretched bloodsucker. Seems like vampires and werewolves never get along. I’m sorry we’re on the same team."


William sprinted through tunnels in wolf form. He was three floors down when he found a narrow cylinder hole in the rock ground dropping at an angle into a lower level. It was the first one without a staircase or ladder. He slid through nose first, landing on his paws. After sniffing the air, he took off down a cave branch. Though the route was full of twists and turns, he never lost his sense of direction.

He came to a place within a low tunnel where he stopped to smell along the wall. Pacing back and forth, he sniffed the bottom edge. William started digging.


Unable to see, Dedrick trailed a hand along the wall to keep moving forward on the uneven ground. The cave widened, and he saw light up ahead. Moving faster now, he entered a vast chamber full of luminescent emerald flowers in the center. Above the blooms, little green women fluttered with sparkling wings.

"If I pick a flower," Dedrick said, "then I’ll be able to find my way in the dark."

The women laughed as he slowly approached the flowers. One flew close by his face and shook herself. He raised his hand to push her away, but she was already gone leaving a trail of dust in her wake.

Dedrick coughed and took a few steps back. His legs wobbled and his eyes drooped. He lay down heavily, curling an arm underneath his head before starting to snore.


Jewel (cyclops) crawled along the floor since the ceiling was very low. She breathed hard, reaching ahead in the dark and came to a narrow round hole in the rock. She thrust her arm in but couldn’t feel the exit. Twisting around, she shoved her feet and legs in the hole. It stuck at her hips. Pushing hard on the ceiling didn’t budge her. She tried to get back out but she was stuck tight. Hammering her fists on the floor shook the entire system and sent dust and pebbles flying, but the floor didn’t break and let her through.


Christina (vampire) left the others behind early in the race. She moved with confidence, traversing the twisting cavern with little trouble. She heard something digging ahead and turned a corner away from the noise. Further in the dark, the cave walls grew damp. Torchlight danced along the wall at a corner and voices echoed softly from that direction. Christina took a big breath of air through her nose. She smiled as she jumped to the ceiling and clung to it. Climbing forward she rounded the corner and saw a wide cavern with several goblins playing dice.


Nessa found a crack in the wall barely wide enough for her narrow body to squeeze through. Something glowed red in the distance. "Snake?" she whispered. Creeping forward along the rocky floor, Nessa kept to the wall. She came to a short ledge where she could see into a vast chamber full of glowing crystals. The ground shook and she heard something growling behind her.

She turned to look as a monstrous four-armed beast with red skin sprinted in her direction. She stood to run, but the ground shook again knocking her down. A giant fist came raining from above Nessa’s head. She rolled out of the way just as another fist swung through the air, catching Nessa’s torso and sending her flying into the crystal room.

She landed hard on one leg. She looked around desperately as the fury dropped into the crystal, sending shards flying. Nessa crawled deep beneath a ledge in the floor. The fury swiped at her and roared angrily. It couldn’t reach her.


William dug a hole into a hidden chamber full of gold and jewels. His body contorted, bending in awkward shapes as he transformed back into human form. He ran a shaking hand through cork-brown hair and laughed. Walking carefully on naked feet among gleaming piles, he sorted through the treasure and gathered every ring he saw.


Christina leaned against the wall, eyes closed, with dead goblins at her feet. She licked a drip of blood from her lower lip. More voices sounded in the distance and she followed them into a large hall full of spear toting goblins. In the back of the throng sat a large goblin on a rock structure. He wore a crown upon his head and a gold ring on a stunted finger.

The goblins caught sight of her and quieted.

"That," Christina said, "belongs to me." The goblins charged. She twisted, ducked and contorted into unnatural angles dodging the pointy ends of spears while darting through the crowd. Along the way, she yanked a spear from one of their grasps and began stabbing and biting at her attackers.

A trail of dead lay in her wake as she stepped up to the stone chair. Grabbing the king goblin by the neck, she held up his squirming body until the ring rose to eye level.

"Yep. That’s mine." She bit his hand and ripped it off with her mouth. Blood poured from the limp wrist as screaming voices behind her retreated out of the hall. Christina threw the goblin aside and pulled her prize off the fat finger. The ring gleamed in her bloody palm.


Talia met Tribe Depths back at their campsite on the beach under the stars. Light flickered on her face from the fire as she spoke. "Christina, you have won the Immunity Challenge. Do you wish to invoke its power and remove either you or William from the altar?"

"Yes. I remove myself."

"Because Christina has removed herself from the altar, someone else must take her place." Talia handed out slips of paper for a second vote.

Jewel voted for Nessa.

Ranzkin voted for Paige.

Nessa voted for Paige.

Dedrick voted for Paige.

Christina voted for Ranzkin.

William voted for Ranzkin.

Paige voted for Nessa.

Talia announced, "Paige, you will replace Christina on the sacrificial altar. The viewers will vote between now and Friday morning at 8 AM Central Time. One of you will be a gift for the gods and will leave the island."

Vote Contestant 1 to sacrifice William the Werewolf. Vote Contestant 2 to sacrifice Paige the Zombie. The player with the most votes will leave the island. Vote here (http://www.soldak.com/Blogs/Delilah/Episode-3-Dungeon-Dive.html), in the right sidebar.

Delilah Rehm
01-22-2009, 01:50 PM
I'm kind of freaked out by who's nominated. I don't want either of them to go this eary in the game. But then again, I feel that way about a lot of the players.

There aren't many votes yet and William is in danger. I'm figuratively biting my nails waiting to see who has to go.