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Delilah Rehm
02-03-2009, 07:00 PM
Tribes Kivi and Depths met high on the dormant volcano in a dry streambed near some medium-sized boulders and scruffy sacks filled with copper coins. The fourth failed applicant, Bolo the Orc, explained the game. "In Goblin Bowling, the tribes will take turns rolling a sack of coins and then a boulder down the volcano. The team who smashes the most goblins wins. Tribe Kivi, you will have to choose one player who will not compete in this competition.

"Iíll sit out," Kailen (fairy) said. "I canít lift the money bags, much less the boulders." Most of Tribe Kivi agreed, except Amber (unicorn).

"Tribe Depths, our viewers would like to know how youíve used the duct tape you won last week," Bolo said.

"It was really handy in wrangling Paige," Christina (vampire) said. "We used most of the rest of the tape to attach support beams to our shelter, expanding it."

Bolo continued, "Today you are playing for a slingshot. Since Depths won the last challenge, they will go first.

Jewel (cyclops) grabbed a sack of coins and threw. It exploded on impact. Spewing a mound of gleaming metal. Goblins rushed out from the trees and gathered coins. Jewel heaved the largest boulder, tossing it slightly farther than the coins but still smashing four goblins and running over another on its way to the bottom of the volcano.

"Five points for Depths," Bolo said.


"I figured I had the best chance to kill the most goblins and I had to pull through. I donít hold out much hope for the rest of my team. I mean, Ranzkin isnít even a foot tall! We donít need the slingshot but losing will upset everyone. Then we might not do well on the upcoming team challenge.

"Iím glad we arenít losing anyone this week. I didnít really care one way or the other about William, but the more of my team that goes gets me closer to the altar. Itís better to win and not have to worry about it. If only Eadric made our team instead of Kiviís, weíd be unstoppable."


Next up was Eadric (warrior). He rolled the bundle of coins instead of throwing it. Copper fell from the bag along the route and Eadric rolled a heavy boulder as goblins darted from the brush to grab the loot. The rock tumbled over two goblins and hit four more before pounding into Jewelís boulder at the inclineís base.

"Six points for Kivi," Bolo called out.

Christina tried to take advantage of the horde swarming Jewelís splatter of coins by skipping the moneybag and rolling the stone straight away. Unfortunately, the goblins had seen their friends squished and hopped out of the way, except the one with his back turned.

"Six points for Depths."

Haimes (scree) was burying coins next to a half-filled bag when his turn came. He tossed the drooping bag and watched copper scatter on the ground below. He started down after the coins when Lina (rogue) yelled, "Stop! You have to roll a boulder."

Dashing to the smallest stone in the bunch, he pushed it down the hill and followed after screaming, "Stay away from my coins you heathens!" The goblins disappeared back into the trees.

"Zero points for Haimes," Bolo said. "Six points for Kivi and the teams are still tied. Haimes, get out of the way!"

Paige (zombie) didnít wait for the scree. She pushed both the money sack and the boulder toward the drop together, letting the coins roll just before the rock. Goblins darted in for the treasure but most waited for the stone to pass before diving into the coppery dirt. The boulder ran over one goblinís foot and knocked Haimes flat.

"Haimes doesnít count," Bolo said, "so with Paigeís one point, Tribe Depths has seven."


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A curious goblin came too close and Haimes punched him in the face before crawling off the path, hands full of shiny metal. Gorm (mage) rolled down the money and then a boulder. He whispered a few words and the goblins had trouble dodging the hurtling rock as they slipped and fell on the wet path. Four were pummeled by the boulder.

"Kivi takes the lead with ten points."

Ranzkin (gnome) took advantage of the splashing chaos by rolling a small rock down the slope. It tumbled down the hill and smacked into a goblinís backside.

"Wait," Lorimer (sorcerer) said. "Thatís not one of the boulders."

Bolo shrugged. "Thatís one for Ranzkin and eight total for Depths."

Scowling, Lorimer went next, carefully picking out the largest sack of money left and following it with a small boulder. Lorimer hummed softly and the rock disappeared from view though it could be heard clattering down the hill. The goblins scattered as Haimes growled, running into the path from the woods. "No, you idiot!" Lorimer cried, but it was too late.

"Two points, Lorimer. Kivi has twelve."

Nessa (elf) waited for Haimes to disappear into the trees before rolling her bag and stone. She had to lay on the ground and push with her feet to move the heavy rock. She couldnít see how many goblins were in the path.

"Thatís four," Bolo said. "Depths ties Kivi again with twelve."

In unicorn form, Amber trotted to the edge and dropped a coin bag from her mouth. She watched and waited for the weary goblins to go for the loot before moving behind a large boulder. She lifted up onto her front legs and kicked the massive stone with her hind legs. The rock broke into three pieces as it shot down the path. The two bigger pieces hit, leaving bloody smears where once goblins stood. The third bounced off the path and into the trees.

"Ouch!" Haimes cried somewhere in the foliage.


"Iíve never seen so much money thrown away like itís worthless. What were they thinking coming up with this insane event! Coins, even copper coins, should be coveted and cherished, not blindly tossed down a goblin-riddled hill! Just thinking about it makes me angry. I donít know how anyone scored any points.

"But the producers stupidity is my gain. I buried many a coin where only Iíll find them and Iíll leave this show with nice, fat pockets even if I lose the game.

"I hope Amber is the player leaving the island today. Sheís just too sickeningly good. It creeps me out. And her light colored hair is blinding. Lorimer I get. I understand him, tricky and deceitful. I can deal with that."


"With one turn left for both teams, Kivi has passed Depthsí twelve and now has fourteen," Bolo said.

Dedrick (centaur) picked up a coin sack in one hand and a small boulder in the other. He tossed the coins down the hill and waited for the goblins to swarm. Instead of rolling the rock, he threw it so that it didnít rumble down the path alerting his victims of its presence. It knocked two flat right off, tumbled over another, bounced and then hit two goblins fighting over a handful of coins.

"Dedrick gets five, bring Depths to a final score of seventeen," Bolo said. "Kivi needs four to win."

"No problem," Gorm said as Lina pushed her boulder near the edge. She grabbed the last coin bag.

"Take your time," Eadric advised.

Lina tossed the money sack and waited for the more cautious goblins to emerge from the tree line. They glanced up the hill, perhaps uneasy about their crushed brethren, before diving for copper. When enough amassed along the path, Lina let the boulder loose, tumbling down the rocky slope. One of the goblins screamed and many fell out of the way just in time to save their lives. By the time the boulder came to rest among the pile of stone at the bottom of the hill, just one goblin had been crushed under its weight.

"The final score is Depths seventeen and Kivi fifteen," Bolo said before handing Dedrick the slingshot.

"Donít need that anyway," Kailen mumbled.

"It isnít about the slingshot," Christina said. "Itís about winning!"

"One last thing," Bolo said. "Two of you were placed on the altar, Lorimer and Amber. Itís time for one of you to leave the island. The viewers have chosen and Lorimer, you have been sacrificed!"

"Yes!" Lina yelled. Amber, now reverted back into girl form, smiled.

Gorm nodded. "Well done, viewers."

03-22-2009, 07:07 AM
I think climbing on that vacano mountain is a very dangerous action. You could be burnt by the fire of it, or you could encounter many troubles by the enemies that are surely waiting for you to shoot you. So try to find another way to pass it.

Delilah Rehm
03-23-2009, 10:55 AM
Luckily for the contestants, the valcano is dorment. All of the games seem dangerous to me! :D