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Delilah Rehm
02-20-2009, 11:31 AM
William the Werewolf, the first contestant sacrificed and voted off the island, met Tribe Kivi on a shell-strewn beach. Many of the orangy-tan shells were gigantic. "Within some of these shells, you will find ceramic geese. You will have five minutes to collect as many geese as you can. They all contain an egg, but you must not break the geese until after the five minutes are up.

"The silver egg will earn you this meat lover’s pizza." William held up the box briefly. "The person with the golden egg will have immunity this week. Before we begin Golden Goose, I need to collect your votes for who’ll be placed on the altar and in danger of leaving this week."

Haimes (scree) voted for Gorm.

Gorm (mage) voted for Amber.

Amber (unicorn) voted for Gorm.

Eadric (warrior) voted for Haimes.

Kailen (fairy) voted for Eadric.


"It’s no surprise that I voted for Haimes. Again. Something about the guy gets under my skin. I’ve spent most of my life fighting monsters, regular-size and small ones even. Something about Haimes sets me off, like he’s one of the bad guys. I really want him off the show.

"I’m not sure if I care about this competition. Find geese? Why aren’t we doing something cool like battling monsters to the death? I have to say, I’m not too impressed with the games so far. My favorite was the Gauntlet. I’d love to take on another alligator that size!

"Still, as much as I loved it I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to fight that dragon! Lina may have died, but I bet she was happy. It isn’t everyday that a barbarian gets to go head to head with a beast of that magnitude."


William announced the results. "Gorm, you have been voted onto the altar. Oddly, there’s a three-way tie for the second person. In this instance. The giant eagle will drop three stones with folded paper with your names tied to them. Whichever one I pick up will go on the altar." They waited for the eagle. William picked up the closest rock and read the name, "Haimes."

William raised his arm in the air. "Your five minutes begins…" he lowered his arm as he shouted, "Now!"

Kailen transformed into a mouse-sized crab. He dashed sideways to mouse-sized shells and flipped them over with a claw. Haimes sprinted through the shells, kicked the stump-sized ones over and gathered yellow ceramic geese in his arms. Amber changed into unicorn form and smashed the shells with her hooves.


This message is paid for by the Merch Guild. If mercenaries get a cool abbreviation, so do the merchants.

"Oslo here," the barbarian trader says. "You may have seen me in Jorvik, where I spend most of my days since the war. The nasty orcs and zombies have changed Aleria, maybe forever.

"I can’t get supplies the way I used to. Not many people can build new things since our cities are ruined and populated my monsters. Though, I guess a few still do, but that isn’t the point. I need you, brave adventurer! Oh yes. I know you go into the wilds to fight the hordes of doom hell-bent on wiping us off the face of the world, but many of those baddies have cool things on their person, mostly things stolen from us!

"What I want is simple. Get stuff. Bring it to me. I’ve got the best deals in town and pay an honest coin." Oslo nods. "I’m counting on you."


Eadric took on the largest shells, heaving one side up to slip inside and gather any geese by the edge of the shell. With this method, he’d gathered five geese and continued to look for more. The next giant shell was full of legs. A monstrous crab startled by the warrior turned its eyes to face him. A large claw swung around pinching the air as Eadric rolled away. He stood up triumphant when the second claw found purchase around the warrior's neck. Bone cracked and blood spewed like a crimson fountain.

The others stopped and turned to see the commotion as the crab leisurely climbed into the ocean. Amber, back in girl-form, dropped her geese breaking two, and ran to Eadric’s side. "Not again."

"It was bound to happen," Gorm said, resting a hand on her shoulder. "You saw how he always went after those large beasts."

"But after Lina?" Amber asked. "Are we all going to die on this island?"

The contestants were silent until William announced thirty seconds remained. The players gathered what geese they’d found, leaving Eadric’s eggs alone, and circled around William.

Haimes smashed his geese first. They contained plain boiled eggs. Next, Amber threw her two remaining birds on the ground angrily. One revealed a boiled egg and the other, the silver egg.

"Amber has won the pizza!" William called. Gorm cracked open his geese, more boiled eggs. "It is possible no one will win the immunity," William said.


"I won’t say no to the pizza. I’ve been starving on this retched island! I really miss tacos and burritos and cups of soda with a lid and a straw.

"I’m not as bad off as the others though. In unicorn form, I enjoy the native grass. They don’t have that option. I’m really glad I don’t have to resort to eating snails. Yuck!

"I would trade the pizza though, trade all of the tacos in the world if it would bring back Lina and Eadric. I never thought anyone would die on this show. Tribe Kivi has lost two. We’ll have to be really careful and not lose anymore."


"Maybe Eadric won it," Gorm replied.

Kailen, back in fairy form, jumped up and on his ceramic birds, but couldn’t make a dent. Gorm handed him a pebble and with the aid of the rock, Kailen was able to open his geese. He looked in on the tiny eggs. "Brown, brown… gold!"

"Are you sure?" Amber asked. The fairy dug his hands into the pottery and pulled out the gleaming egg.

"Kailen has won the power of Immunity," William said. "Kailen, would you like to remove either Gorm or Haimes from the altar?"

"Sorry guys," Kailen said to his teammates. He turned to William. "No."

William continued, "Gorm and Haimes, you are on the altar. The viewers will vote for one of you to be sacrificed and leave the island. Good luck."


Gorm and Haimes are on the altar! Vote for which player you’d like to sacrifice and leave the show. Vote Contestant 1 for Gorm the Mage, or vote Contestant 2 for Haimes the Scree. Vote here, in right sidebar. (http://www.delilahrehm.com)