View Full Version : Episode 23: Gormís Exit Interview

Delilah Rehm
04-03-2009, 04:35 PM
Interviewer: How did it feel to lose the Scavenger Hunt to Paige?

Gorm: UmmÖ I didnít like it? I wouldnít have been able to get myself off the altar even if Paige wasnít freakishly lucky. William beat me back to the meadow.

Interviewer: You lasted longer than any of the other barbarians. Why do you think you survived as long as you did?

Gorm: Iím not sure itís fair to say I lasted longer. The priest didnít get on the show, and Lina and Eadric died. Not that they would be upset about it. Dying is an everyday thing in our culture. You expect it will happen sooner rather than later. We donít shy away from conflict.

Interviewer: You lived but didnít survive. Why do you think viewers chose Dedrick and over you.

Gorm: By Thaden, Iíve no idea. Iíve always done well in the competitions, unlike half-horse. Soldak must have been hit by a bunch of pony-loving tween Girl Scouts! And if thatís the case, one of the females will probably win the game.

Interviewer: Who do you think will win? Who would you like to see win?

Gorm: Iíd like to see Kailen win. Go Tribe Kivi! Second choice would be William even though he has already been voted off once before, and third, Paige. I do not want Ranzkin or horse-face to win.

Interviewer: Is there anything you wouldíve done differently?

Gorm: You mean besides win? Kidding! I think I played a tough game. I did my best and Iím proud of what I accomplished in my time on the island.