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Delilah Rehm
05-13-2009, 06:56 PM
Gorm met the four remaining contestants on the beach in the pouring rain. He passed out four spears, two heavy and two fairy-sized. "You may have noticed Dedrick’s absence. He has been the first sacrificed during this double elimination week. Because of the lack of numbers, the producers have decided to save the altar placement vote until after the Immunity Challenge is completed."

Ranzkin (gnome) sighed and snuggled closer to the side of Paige’s (zombie) leg, using it as a rain-break. William (werewolf) sheltered Kailen (fairy) under the cup of his hand. The rain tapered to a drizzle making it easier to hear each other.

"What’s the challenge?" William asked.

Gorm’s eyebrow rose and he smiled sarcastically. "The Immunity Challenge is called Water Hydra. A four-headed water hydra is on its way to this beach. The player who lands the killing blow will receive immunity this week."

"Sounds like fun," William said.

"You go right ahead," Ranzkin said. "You can be the first eaten."


"It’s strange when your goal stops being to win competitions and becomes 'don’t get eaten.’ I knew from the moment Gorm said, ‘Water Hydra’ that I didn’t have a chance of beating the monster, much less the game!

"I’m praying the audience is still with me. If I lose them, then the game is over. It’s up to the viewers now. They are the deciding factor on who wins the whole shebang!"


A large swell rose above the waves. Three green dragon heads poked out of the water on long, serpentine necks.

"Ere’s ashure head?" Paige asked.

"What?" Gorm backed away from the beach.

"Didn’t you say it had four heads?" Ranzkin clarified.

"Yes," Gorm shouted before turning and running into a nearby copse.

The contestants spread out watching the beast close in. The water hydra beached itself, snapping at the air with three gapping mouths. A much smaller fourth head hung useless upon its broad chest.

"What do you say, Ranzkin?" Kailen asked. "Teamwork?"

"Teamwork won’t win us the immunity."

"Right!" Kailen replied. "Then lets run away and let it starve to death. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly feel like being eaten today." The fairy brushed his wind-swept hair from his eyes. "Or do I?"

He flew straight at the beast only to zig zag away from snapping teeth. The three necks tangled in an effort to get him. He laughed just as the middle mouth snapped closed with the fairy inside.


Hardcore- it means death is permanent. Dying is forever when you chose to play a hardcore character in Depths of Peril.

So why do it, you ask? Simple: Satisfaction. You’ve put your skills to the test and proven your worth. Your name is ranked with the best. You’ve taken your place among the stars.

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In the beast’s distraction, Paige clumsily threw her spear and missed. The wood washed into the churning serf. Paige charged the hydra. Its mouth bore down toward her flesh then turned away before striking. Both side heads watched the middle head convulse as a flesh-eating millipede burst through the neck followed by a spray of blood. The middle head joined its deformed cousin upside down on the hydra’s chest. Kailen changed back into fairy-form avoiding splashing into the waves.

Paige leapt, grabbing the right neck before it turned her way again. The creature screamed fury. The left head sank sharp teeth into Paige’s back but before it ripped lose the rotting flesh William plunged his spear into its brain.

With only the right head functional, the beast back peddled trying to escape into the dark ocean. Paige didn’t give up her grasp and finally the last head fell, having been suffocated by Paige’s deadly grip.

Paige climbed off the hydra and smiled at William, "Thanks for saving my hide, literally."

"Hey, I was just trying to kill it."


"I wasn’t really thinking of living or dying, just stopping the hydra. If it wasn’t for William, I’d have died for sure, the permanent kind of death. He saved my neck out there. Even though we had a rough start in the beginning, I’m glad he’s back.

"Ranzkin is sweet and kind. Kailen is courageous and a bit mischievous. Even though William’s been gone most of the game, he’s really pulled his weight and proven his worth. Whoever wins the game next week, it will be someone worthy of the title and the prize."


Ranzkin hugged Paige around the calf of her leg. "I’m so sorry I couldn’t figure out how to help."

Kailen landed on William’s shoulder. "Looks like you killed the beast. You were the only one to spear it!"

"Not quite right," Gorm said as he ran back from the wood. "The water hydra was still alive after William’s spear took out a head. It was Paige who killed the last of its functioning heads, without which it died. Paige is the winner of Water Hydra and has the immunity.

"Now you vote on who to place on the altar this week."

Ranzkin voted for Kailen.

Paige voted for Kailen.

William voted for Ranzkin.

Kailen voted for Ranzkin.


You decide who is sacrificed to the island! Vote Contestant 1 for Kailen the Fairy, or vote Contestant 2 for Ranzkin the Gnome. Only three contestants will be left for the finale week! Vote now (http://www.delilahrehm.com).