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Old 10-14-2008, 09:45 AM
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Default Initial reactions

Very nice. The graphics could use some cleanup, as they don't seem to mesh as well as the DoP graphics. Especially the menus but there's plenty of time for cosmetics.
Two small things, in the bestiary the keyboard arrows should turn the models, and holding down either the keys or the onscreen buttons should provide a continuous scroll.
In the keybindings menu there's a 'skill screen' option that defaulted blank. But unless I'm mistaken that would be the same screen you get for hitting 'C', no? Either way, it should either be removed if redundant, or given a default binding.
I only had a short play and wasn't looking too hard for flaws. I enjoyed it quite a bit, I like the Mario-esque use of instant powerups that you can essentialy queue up and use at will. Hoarders like me will have some adjusting to do. Was it just me, or does Rage seem to spawn rather more often than the rest? Of course, I've only played the first level once yet so it's probably just me. I assume the kill drops are randomized, are the barrel drops randomized, hand crafted, or a bit of both? I couldn't quite tell.

Some quick bullets:
  • Temporary skill ups - good
  • Completely abstract loot - good, reminds me of Bard's Tale
  • Communist character progression - Good (despite my teminology! ) but it needs a reset option since some classes will doubtless play better with more emphasis on a specific feature
  • Bonus point awards - good, I think an awards log would be pretty cool too, just some basic counters to indicate how many times you've achieved each award on a particular level

In what spare time I have I'll try and do some more useful testing
//TODO: Insert witty one-liner here.
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