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Old 02-27-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
You can do this now. There is a relatively new option that allows you to turn off the price comparison and then it will only compare base stats.
I have that option on now... it doesn't work. It STILL tries to tell me that 800 Shields & no Bonuses is worse than 600 Shields with +1 Resistance to something, or some such stupidity, as a rough example...

I don't give a damn if a Component looks shinier & prettier to a Merchant... I care about how EFFECTIVE it is, in it's Core Stat first, & overall power second. Why is a Bomb with a +Attack Bonus it can't even put to use getting a Green Plus over a Bomb that does over 100 more Max Damage...? O_0 Oh, speaking of which, similar to how stupid it was for Unbreakable Items being able to have +Max Durability on them, it's stupid for Weapons that don't use the Attack Stat to be able to have +Attack on them... :/ (Example: Manual Aim Railguns.)

& while I can remember to think about it... is it normal for Crew that get obtained from Crew Recruitment Quests to have crappier stats (& in some cases, way crappier stats...) than Crew ya got at low level & kept & raised with ya for many many levels...? & is there such a thing as rare powerful Crew that could drop, like a Crew Equivalent of Rare/Artifact/Legendary/Elite?
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