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Old 07-19-2018, 12:23 AM
Cockbite Cockbite is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
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Default Minimap is being doubled instead of replaced on merge

I'm trying to make the minimap bigger by editing the game.mnu using the mergeWith command. What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to include the entire game.mnu in the mod instead of merging?

This is the code I have in ../UI/_LargerMinimap.mnu. The three lines that were changed have the original values commented out for reference.

mergeWith Game

// Minimap

	position 595.0 115.0 // 592.0 4.0
	offset -50.0 0.0
	size 100.0 10.0
	font SmallDefault
	textSource AreaName
	textAlignment center
	draworder 3
	showCondition MiniMapOn
	blocksMouse 0
	PartiallyIgnoreWidescreenCenter 1
	highlightTextSource AreaName Text "\n\n$$AvailableQuestsIn$$ " AreaNameNoKey Text ":\n" AvailableQuestsOnLevel

	position 599.0 71.0
	offset -62.5 -71.5 // -50.0 -50.0
	size 115.0 115.0 // 87.0 87.0
	texture Textures/UI/minimap/minimap_border.tga
	draworder -2
	showCondition MiniMapOn
	blocksMouse 0
	color "1 .9 .8"
	PartiallyIgnoreWidescreenCenter 1
This is the result. My bigger minimap is appearing behind the original instead of replacing it. I tried changing the name of my menu to make sure it was loaded last, but it had no effect.

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